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Philanthropy Makes METX Work Possible

Progress in the Microbiological and Environmental Toxicology Department relies on the generosity of informed benefactors. Private gifts are precious resources to support research and education that go beyond the limits of State and Federal funds. Your gift can make an enormous difference to the education and research careers of our students and faculty. We are currently encouraging support for the following programs:

  • Funds to support travel by METX students to present their research at national meetings 
  • Funds to support fellowships for METX graduate student research 
  • Funds to support undergraduate independent research in METX labs 
  • Funds to support special METX seminars by inviting internationally-renowned scientists
  • Endowed Chairs for Distinguished METX faculty 
  • Support for METX-related research units, including the Institute for Marine Sciences or Endowments for a UCSC Biomedical Institute.


We invite everyone to attend our Distinguished Lectures and other special events. See our Events page for more information. We also host weekly seminar series (Tuesdays at noon) that discuss current scientific findings; contact the METX manager for more information.

How Can You Help?

You can make a gift directly to METX at the following links:

Donate to the METX Department

Donate to the METX Seminar Series

Donate to the METX Graduate Students

If you would like more information or to discuss ways to maximize your support, please call the Departmental Chair, Fitnat Yildiz, at 831-459-1588 or e-mail Professor Yildiz directly.