Opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellows

Xianxian Liu, postdoctoral fellow in the Yildiz lab

Postdoctoral researchers are an integral component of the Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology program (METX). Our friendly and interactive graduate department provides unique opportunities for newly-minted Ph.D.'s to be actively involved in their own research and collaborate with undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, the campus has established the Postdoctoral Scholars Association designed to foster professional development.

The department typically hosts six to twelve postdoctoral researchers at any one time. They are often funded by prestigious extramural funding sources such as Fulbright, Dreyfus, or NIH postdoctoral fellowships in fields such as environmental chemistry, environmental health, and biomedical research, or by grants to faculty within the department.

Researchers interested in postdoctoral opportunities in other labs should contact those individual faculty directly.

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