Microbiology Emphasis

Research in the area of microbiology focuses on the analysis of molecular genetics of both pathogenic  and non-pathogenic bacteria. Faculty address a diverse range of questions focused on how bacteria can transform metals to enhance or diminish their toxicity, and how bacteria themselves act as harmful agents by infecting humans.

METX Department faculty members investigating microbiology are: 

Victoria Auerbuch Stone (METX): Interactions between bacterial pathogens and the innate immune system

Manel Camps (METX): Molecular mechanisms of reactive DNA methylation toxicity with evolution of drug resistance with a focus on genetic adaptation and plasmid homeostasis

Karen Ottemann (METX): How Helicobacter pylori senses and colonizes host environments

Chad Saltikov (METX): Microbes and arsenic contamination of drinking Water

Fitnat Yildiz (METX): Understanding processes controlling transmission of bacterial pathogens: biofilm formation and environmental stress responses

Affiliated UCSC faculty members who conduct microbiology research include:

Roberto Bogomolni (Chemistry and Biochemistry): Biophysical chemistry, photobiology, light energy conversion and signal transduction in biological systems

Marm Kilpatrick (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology): Ecology of infectious diseases, population biology, and conservation

Todd Lowe (Biomolecular Engineering): Experimental and computation genomics, ncRNA gene finders, DNA microarrays to study the biology of archaea

Nader Pourmand (Biomolecular Engineering): Development of new tools and technologies that integrate biology, electronics, and nanofabrication for the detection and study of genes and proteins

Jonathan P. Zehr (Ocean Sciences): Aquatic microbial ecology, biological oceanography