Winter 2016

January 12
     David States, Biomedical Grant Writer, UCSC
     "Alternative Careers in Science (getting in through the back door)"
     Rob IrionDirector
     Science Communication Program, UCSC 
     "Careers in Science Writing"

January 26

     Steven Hallam, Associate Professor
     Department of Microbiology and Immunology
     University of British Columbia 
     "Oceans of Information"

February 2
     Daniela Keilberg
     Post-Doc, Ottemann Lab
     "How Motility and Chemotaxis promote Helicobacter pylori pathogenesis"

February 9
     Heran Darwin, Professor
     Department of Microbiology, NYU School of Medicine
     "Game of ‘Zomes: Proteolysis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis Pathogenesis"

February 16
     Diana Hooker-Romero
     2nd Year, Auerbuch Stone Lab
     "Co-regulation of host-adapted iron metabolism and type III secretion
      in Yersinia pseudotuberculosis”

February 23
     Kieran Collins
     4th Year, Ottemann Lab
     "The Helicobacter pylori cytoplasmic chemoreceptor TlpD forms an autonomous
      polar chemotaxis signaling complex that mediates a tactic response to oxidative stress"


     Jaime Hernandez
     5th Year, Saltikov Lab
    “Elucidating the ecology and molecular mechanism of photoarsenotrophy by arxA"

March 1
     Kristy Kroeker, Assistant Professor
     Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz
     "Sea Change: Predicting ocean acidification's effects from organisms to ecosystems."

March 8
     Barry G. HallDirector
     Bellingham Research Institute
     "kSNP3: a tool for SNP identification, strain typing, and phylogenetic analysis
      based on whole genome sequences"