Winter 2015

Jan 16, Dr. Martin Blaser
Professor, NYU Langone Medical Center
"Antibiotic Effects on Early Life Development"

Jan 20, Dr. Carmen Schwechheimer
Post-doc, Yildiz Lab, METX
"Outer membrane vesicle production in escherichia coli
relieves envelope stress and is modulated by changes in peptidoglycan."

Jan 27, Dr. Somshuvra Mukhopadhyay
Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin
"Protein trafficking in human disease:
Insights from Shiga toxicosis and a hereditary parkinsonian syndrome."

Feb 3, Dr. Man Wah Tan
Associate Director, Infectious Diseases, Genetech
"Harnessing the host immune system to treat infectious diseases."

Feb 10, Dr. Marilou Sison-Mangus
Assistant Professor, Ocean Sciences
"Microbiota acquisition, transmission and influences
on health and pathogen resistance in the crustacean model, Daphnia."

Feb 17, Dr. Christopher Whitfield
Professor, University of Guelph
"Substrate recognition and quality control
in the export of bacterial glycans by ABC transporters."

March 3, Dr. Benjamin Bostick
Associate Research Professor, Columbia University
"Mineralogical controls on iron solubility and utilization by marine phytoplankton."

March 5, Dr. Pamela Schnupf
Sansonetti Lab at the Pasteur Institute
"In vitro growth of segmented filamentous bacteria,
a commensal that educates the gut immune system of its host."

March 17, Dr. Todd Mitchell
"New Developments in the Treatment of Amatoxin Poisoning:
The Santa Cruz Protocol"