Jan. 08: Chris Troll  (Camps Lab, UCSC)
“Repairing DNA damage with just the right amount of glycosylase activity: A goldilocks story.”

Jan. 22: Halie Miller (postdoctoral researcher, Auerbuch Stone lab)                               
"Identification and Characterization of SigS, a Novel Component of the Staphylococcus aureus Stress and Virulence Responses"

Feb. 5: Brett Finlay (University of British Columbia)

“The role of the microbiota in enteric and allergic diseases.”

Feb. 12: Ilias Tagkopoulos (UC Davis)
“The evolution of cross-stress protection in E. coli."

Feb. 19: Gerard Wong (California Nanosystems Institute)
“Interactions between type IV pili and exopolysaccharides during early biofilm development”

Feb. 26: Tim O’Connor  (City of Hope National Medical Center)
“Ferocious Defense: ALKBH Proteins and Genomic Stability.”

Mar. 5: Marie-Noele Croteau (USGS)
“Enriched stable isotope tracers to assess the bioavailability and toxicity of metals, including nanosized metals, in aquatic environments."

Mar. 12: Jaime Hernandez (Saltikov lab)
"Monitoring for arsenic contamination through gene expression in a geochemical environment.”

and Cherie Musgrove  (Camps lab)
“An Unexpected Journey: Footprinting the Replication of HIV Reverse Transcriptase in E. coli.”