Winter 2012 Seminars

Jan. 10 Myra Finkelstein, METX researcher, UC Santa Cruz, "The California Condor and lead poisoning:  After 20 years the recovery of a critically endangered species remains uncertain."  

Jan. 17  Pamela Lein, Invited speaker, Professor, Department of Molecular Biosciences, UC Davis, "Cell and molecular mechanisms of PCB developmental neurotoxicity."

Jan. 24  Carlos Green René Ruiz, METX visiting researcher, Geomicrobiology and Sedimentology Laboratory in the Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, "Metals in Sinaloa, Mexico."

Jan. 31  No seminar 

Feb. 7  Leona D. Samson, Distinguised Guest, Director, Center for Environmental Health Sciences and Professor of Toxicology and Biological Enineering at M.I.T. Department of Biological Engineering. "Complex biological responses to alkylation and inflammation."

Feb. 14  Susan Williams, METX Researcher, UC Santa Cruz, "Lost, and losing ground Helicobacter pylori chemotactic mutants and susceptibility to antibiotic therapy."

Feb. 21  No seminar

Feb. 28  R. Pamela Watson, MCD graduate student, UC Santa Cruz, 2nd year student talk. "Regulation of arsenic metabolism in Shewanella sp. ANA-3."

Mar. 6  Gavin Sherlock, Invited speaker, Stanford University, "Following adaptive evolution in yeast using high-throughput population sequencing."

Mar. 13  Alison Conrad, 2nd year student talk "ArxA and its role in arsenophototrophy."  Loni Townsley, 2nd year student talk. "Environmental regulation of biofilm formation."