Spring 2016

March 29
Jesica Navarrete (Saltikov/Rothschild Lab) 4th Year Talk
"Biomining materials from e-waste."

April 5
Dr. Allon Hochbaum
"Designing Living Materials: Control of Community Behavior in Bacterial Biofilms"

April 12
Dr. Robert Shafer

April 19
Samar Abedrabbo (Ottemann Lab) 5th Year Talk
"CheV1 interacts with the chemotaxis signaling complex proteins to enhance 
CheA kinase phosphorylation and complex stability in Helicobacter pylori"


Zeka Kuspa (Smith/Finkelstein Lab) 4th Year Talk
"Quantifying stress at multiple time scales: validating glucocorticoid measurements 
in the endangered California condor"

April 26

Ana Gallego
"Spatial characterization of Vibrio cholerae colonization dynamics


David Zamorano Sanchez
"Regulatory networks controlling biofilm formation in Vibrio cholerae"

May 3
Hanh Lam
"Developing an Innate Immunity based High Throughput Screen for
Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Type III Secretion System"


Carmen Schwechheimer
"Exploring the role of the putative Vibrio exopolysaccharide (VPS)
 degradation enzyme, RbmB, in VPS production and biofilm in Vibrio cholerae"

May 17
Gisele Miglioranza (Smith/Finkelstein Lab) 2nd Year Talk
"Skeletal Lead: Implications for Exposure Monitoring in California Condors"


May 24
David Balderas (PBSE Rotation) 1st Year Talk


Avatar Joshi (PBSE Rotation) 1st Year Talk
"The Identification and Characterization of T6SS Regulators in V. cholerae"

May 31
Kevin Johnson (PBSE Rotation) 1st Year Talk
"Understanding the role of the H. pylori chemoreceptors TlpA and TlpB
in modulating host inflammation"


Cherie Musgrove (Stone Lab) 5th Year Talk

June 7
Travis Conley (Smith Lab) 2nd Year Talk 
"Impacts of Developmental Manganese Exposure on Noradrenergic Alpha-2A Receptors
in the Prefrontal Cortex"