Fall 2013 Seminars

Oct 1 Chad Saltikov, Associate Professor, METX
"The Biology and Ecology of Bacteria That Eat and Breathe Arsenic"

Oct 8 Peter Beernink, Invited Guest from CHORI
"Broadly Protective, Protein-based Meningococcal Vaccines"

Oct 15 Manel Camps, Assistant Professor, METX
"Mechanisms of Toxicity and Resistance to Alkylation Damage" 

Oct 22 Christopher Tubbs, Invited Guest from San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research
"Evaluating a Potential Role of Dietary Phytoestrogens in the Poor Reproductive Success of Captive Female Southern White Rhinoceros"

Oct 29 Prabagaran Solai Ramatchandirane, Visiting Researcher, METX
"Genetics of the Arsenic Reduction in Bacterial Systems"

Nov 5 Cherie Musgrove, Third Year Talk
"The Infidelity of Replication: Studying the Determinants of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Fidelity"

Nov 12 Gurol Suel, Invited Guest
"Dynamics of Decision-making From Single Cells to Biofilms"

Nov 19  No Seminar

Nov 26 Peter Swaranski, Invited Guest
"An Assessment of Submarine Groundwater Discharge and its Nearshore Ecological Impacts: Examples from the U.S. West-Coast and Hawaii"

Dec 3 Jaime Hernandez, Third Year Talk
"Arsenic Cycling by Microbial Gene Expression"