William Sause, a current METX Ph.D student and David Zamorano Sanchez, a post-doc working for METX Prof. Yildiz, have both received prestigious scholarships awards.

William Sause is studying the function of Helicobacter pylori proteins in Prof. Ottemann's lab. As an upcoming fifth year, he was eligible to receive the UCSC Dissertation Year Fellowship. These state-funded, merit-based fellowships are awarded on acompetitive basis based on the aca­demic achievement of the nominee. William's application met this requirement and he was awarded the fellowship in Spring quarter 2013, one of only fourteen candidates to do so.

David Sanchez has received a UC MEXUS - CONACYT post-doctoral fellowship award. The University of California Institute for Mexicoand the United States (UC MEXUS), established in 1980, is an academic research institute dedicated to encouraging, securing, andcontributing to binational and Latino research and collaborative academic programs and exchanges. The UC MEXUS-CONACYTDoctoral Fellowships provide up to five years of funding for Mexican students doing their doctoral studies at any one of the tenUniversity of California Campuses. The laboratory that David works in aims to pave the way to a better understanding on how thesecond messenger c-di-GMP controls such complex behaviors as motility and biofilm formation in Vibrio cholerae. Their majorgoal is to identify and characterize novel receptors of c-di-GMP and their targets within the bacterial cell.