METX Curriculum Change

METX 100 is replacing METX 119, starting in Spring 2021. Read below for details:
  • METX 119 will not be offered in Spring 2021. METX 119 will now only be offered during Summer Session. METX 119 will be offered in Summer 2021 and will count as usual for all pre/co-requisites and major requirements.
  • If students are planning to enroll in METX 119L in Spring 2021, and have not previously completed METX 119, they should enroll in METX 100 as the concurrent required course for METX 119L. They may need a permission code for this scenario - contact to coordinate.
  • For current UCSC majors, METX 119 serves as an upper division elective, not as a major requirement. Any student who was planning on taking METX 119 as an elective should plan to enroll in either METX 100, Introduction to Microbiology, or METX 140, Prokaryotic Molecular Biology and Genetics as an upper division elective. Both will be offered at least once per academic year starting Spring 2021.
  • As curriculum goes, METX 100 uses the same textbook as METX 119, but covers a broader range of microbes (bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses) than METX 119 does (which focuses only on bacteria and bacteriophage).
  • METX 140 is a more in-depth examination of the molecular biology and genetics of bacteria. METX 140 is an approved pre-requisite for BIOL 101L.