Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty who sponsor graduate students

Roberto Bogomolni (Chemistry and Biolchemistry) Biophysical chemistry, photobiology, light energy conversion and signal transduction in biological systems

Adina Paytan Research Scientist, (Institute of Marine Science) Biogeochemistry, paleoceanography, environmental and aquatic chemistry

Additional Affiliated Faculty

Don Croll (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) Foraging ecology of marine sea birds and mammals, island conservation/ecology

Andrew Fisher (Earth Sciences) Hydrology, crustal studies, heat flow modeling

Grant Hartzog
(Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology) Biochemistry, genetics, chromatin and transcriptional regulation

Lindsay Hinck (Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology) Neurobiology, cell biology, development

Ted Holman (Chemistry and Biochemistry) Bioinorganics and biological chemistry

Doug Kellogg (Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology) Coordination of cell growth and cell division

Raphael Kudela (Ocean Sciences) Ecological modeling and remote sensing, satellite oceanography, phytoplankton ecology and harmful algal blooms

Roger Linington (Chemistry and Biochemistry) Marine Natural Products, Drugs for Neglected Diseases, Chemical Biology, Chemical Probes

Todd Lowe (Biomolecular Engineering) Experimental and computation genomics, ncRNA gene finders, DNA microarrays to study the biology of Archaea

Marc Mangel (Applied Mathematics and Statistics) Mathematical modeling of biological phenomena, especially quantitative issues in fishery management; mathematical and computational aspects of aging and disease; impact of technology on biological systems

Pradip Mascharak (Chemistry and Biochemistry) Bioinorganic chemistry

Matthew McCarthy (Ocean Sciences) Organic geochemistry, marine organic geochemistry, global biogeochemical cycles

Glenn Millhauser (Chemistry and Biochemistry) Peptide structure and dynamics, electron spin resonance spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, agouti proteins

Nader Pourmand (Biomolecular Engineering) Development of new tools and technologies that integrate biology, electronics, and nanofabrication for the detection and study of genes and proteins

Peter Raimondi (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Applied marine ecology

Joshua Stuart (Biomolecular Engineering) Computational genomics

Martha Zúñiga (Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology) Molecular, cellular, and developmental biology of the immune system

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