Undergrad Courses 2017-18

Course Number Course Title F W S
METX 80E Aquatic Toxicology* (Finkelstein)
METX 101 Source of Pollutants** (Saltikov)
METX 102 Cell and Molecular Toxicology* (Smith)
METX 119 Microbiology (Stone, Yildiz, Staff) x x
METX 119L General Microbiology Lab (Ottemann, Saltikov, Yildiz, Staff) x x x
METX 125 Safe Science (Wisser) x
METX 135C Cadaver Dissection Lab* (Camps, Staff)
METX 135/135L Functional Anatomy/Lab (Camps, Staff) x
METX 144 Groundwater Contamination*
METX 170 Drug Action and Development* (Smith)

* Indicates course not offered this year

** Indicated course not offered this year. Qualified undergrads may enroll in 201 by permission of instructor.

Note: Course offerings are subject to change.