Undergraduate Programs

Fabian Rivera has worked as undergraduate and post baccalaureate researcher in the Yildiz laboratory

Undergraduate Majors

Even though the department does not offer an undergraduate major it does offer a select number of undergraduate courses to educate students in the areas of microbiology and environmental toxicology. Students who major in a field such as biology, marine biology, molecular, cell, and developmental biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, engineering, or environmental studies may be interested in taking microbiology and environmental toxicology electives.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Our faculty host many undergraduate students who carry out independent research projects. These students gain training in how to conduct, critique and present cutting edge research in microbiology and environmental toxicology. Participating students can join labs directly by contacting department faculty, or by participating in honors research programs such as IMSD/MBRS. With department approval, these undergraduates may also take graduate courses in microbiology and environmental toxicology. That coursework will be applied toward a graduate degree in microbiology and environmental toxicology if they are later accepted into the graduate program.

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