Independent Study Request Form

Independent Study in the METX department can take many forms and offers students an opportunity to work directly with Faculty on a research project. In the UCSC catalog, the description is simply " directed reading, supervised research, and organized projects relating to METX problems".  We encourage students to propose an idea to a faculty member who teaches and does research in the area of interest.

How to enroll in Independent Study.

  1. Formulate an idea with help from METX advising; TA's; friends; mentors; METX Faculty
  2. Select a couple METX faculty members and bring your idea to them during their office hours.
  3. Once the project is decided on with a faculty member, fill out the "Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies Course" enrollment form.  Independent study courses do not exist on the schedule of classes and are only enrollmed in through this process.
  4. Your faculty sponsor will give out the class number that is entered on the enrollment page of the MyUCSC student center.

Independent study projects will carry either 2 units or 5 units, depending on the complexity of the project and how many weekly hours are expected.