2017-18 METX Graduate Courses

Course # Title F W S
METX 200 Interdisciplinary Approaches in Environmental Toxicology (Smith) X
METX 201 Sources and Fates of Pollutants (Saltikov) X
METX 202 Cell and Molecular Toxicology (Smith) X
METX 205 Scientific Skills, Ethics, and Writing (Staff) X
METX 206A Advanced Microbiology (Various METX Faculty) X
METX 210 Molecular and Cellular Basis of Bacterial Pathogenesis (Yildiz) X
METX 215 Seminar in Advanced Prokaryotic Molecular Biology*
METX 238 Pathogenesis: Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (Auerbuch-Stone, Camps, Smith) X
METX 250 Environmental Microbiology (Saltikov)*
METX 270 Drug Action and Development (Smith)*

* Indicates course not offered this year

Note: Course offerings are subject to change.