2021-22 METX Class Schedule - Updates are possible, please check back frequently.

Fall  Winter  Spring
METX 200: Interdisciplinary Approaches in Environmental Toxicology METX 206A: Advanced Microbiology METX 250: Environmental Microbiology
METX 100: Microbiology METX 202: Cell and Molecular Toxicology METX 245A: Scientific Communication in Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology
METX 119L: Microbiology Laboratory METX 135C: Cadaver Dissection Laboratory METX 210: Molecular and Celluar Basis of Microbial Pethogenesis
METX 125: Practicing Safe Science METX 140: Molecular Biology and Microbial Genetics
ETX 119L: Microbiology Laboratory METX 135L: Functional Anatomy Laboratory
METX 135: Functional Anatomoy
METX 119L: Microbiology Laboratory
METX 115: Environmental Health Science
METX 100: Microbiology
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