How to Apply

METX Graduate Program Admissions Guidelines

The admissions committee will be looking at the following in evaluating applications:

For all applicants to all METX degrees
• Performance in challenging quantitative based classes such as organic chemistry and biochemistry;
• Performance in upper division biology classes;
• Evidence that applicant can work as part of a group/team to accomplish goals

For PhD degree applicants
• Independent research experience that involves designing, implementing, interpreting, and presenting experiments

For Research-based MS degree applicants
• Demonstrated interest in research based training, but research experience that is more limited than that of PhD program applicants, such as summer programs and intensive classes

For Coursework-based MS degree applicants
• Demonstrated interest in advanced graduate training but not specifically research based

What you need to prepare:
All UCSC graduate program applications are done online through the Graduate Division application system. 

Here is a summary of the key items you will need:

1) Statement of Purpose
Please describe your motivation for seeking graduate training. We are particularly interested in learning about your previous research experience. Emphasize how the MICRO PBSE track at UC Santa Cruz specifically fits your future research interests and career goals. Two pages maximum.
2) Personal History
This statement will be used in conjunction with your application for graduate admission and financial support. Note that the Personal History Statement should not duplicate the Statement of Purpose. Two pages maximum.
3) CV
4) Unofficial Transcripts (Official ones will be required if you are admitted)
5) TOEFL: Foreign students are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

NoteGRE scores are not required to apply or be admitted to METX or the Micro Track of PBSE. Applicants may choose to send their scores if they wish, but should be aware that sending in GRE scores will not advantage their application for admission purposes.

The application period for METX graduate programs for Fall 2019 is now closed.
The application period for METX graduate programs for Fall 2020 will open early October 2019.

You may access the detailed instructions and links to apply through the UCSC Graduate Division website. Be sure to read the current application instructions thoroughly. 

You will need at least three letters of recommendation. Start your application early and immediately register your letter writers so that they have more time to complete their letters through the online system - they can do this before you submit your completed application. Letters of recommendation are accepted only through the online system.

To reactivate an application from a previous year, see the application instructions of the Graduate Division site for information.

Please be aware that students applying to the M.S. Program are expected to be self funded. 
When applying to the M.S. Program, please indicate your intent to admit into Plan I or Plan II in your application.

Mail hardcopy materials (such as transcripts) to:

Graduate Application Processing
UC Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

If sending materials using special carrier services, such as Express Mail, Federal Express or UPS overnight, be sure to include the office location of 2nd floor Kerr Hall, and their phone number: 831.459.5905.

School code: 4860 for GRE scores (if submitting). There are no department codes.

Questions? Direct your questions to the department manager: