Lab Alums--only the recent alums so far

  • No alternative textSkander Hathroubi, Ph.D. Skander completed his postdoc in the Ottemann lab in Summer 2019, and started a postdoctoral position with Regine Hengge in Berlin, Germany. Follow Skander at
  • No alternative textMegan Pryce, BS 2019.  Megan completed her BS in June 2019, worked for a summer in the lab and now is seeking her next position. Follow Megan at
  • No alternative textFrancesca Batac, M.S. 2018. Francesca completed her MS in 2018 and returned to her work for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife ( as a sea otter biologist, Her M.S. thesis is entitled "Investigating the prevalence and pathogenesis of Helicobacterinfections in southern sea otters (Enhydra lutris nereis)". Follow Francesca at
  • No alternative textJashwin Sagoo, 2018. Jashwin completed his undergraduate work in the Ottemann lab, contributing to the chemotaxis protein stochiometry project with Samar, and going on to lead a project to analyze H. pylori chemotaxis suppressor mutants through bioinformatics. He is the founder of the official student chapter of the American Society for Microbiology at UC Santa Cruz. He's currently finishing his last classes for his BS and looking for Research Associate positions. 
  • No alternative textJulia Zerebinski, B.S. 2018. Julia completed her undergraduate work on H. pylori biofilms in the Ottemann lab in September 2018. Part of her project was publshed in Hathroubi, Zerebinski, and Ottemann, Mbio 2018. She is currently planning to work in science and apply to graduate school.